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ICF Construction

NUDURA Insulated concrete forms are energy efficient construction materials that provide maximum comfort and energy solutions for your entire home. NUDURA energy efficient construction materials provide up to 58% energy savings compared to traditional building methods using wood.

  • RECYCLED MATERIALS - NUDURA Forms are manufactured from EPS. NUDURA’s unique folding web design is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene and steel.

  • BUILDING DURABILITY - NUDURA Forms offer a structure built out of Concrete, one of the most durable building materials which result in buildings that stand the test of time. Building with NUDURA also offers maximum safety in high wind areas due to its high impact resistance.

  • WASTE REDUCTION - NUDURA Insulated Concrete Form technologically form design creates less waste during the construction process, sending less waste to our landfills. *All waste is 100% recyclable.

  • MOLD RESISTANT - NUDURA Forms have been laboratory tested and will not support mold growth.

  • ENERGY PERFORMANCE - NUDURA Forms combined with other energy efficient construction methods significantly reduce the amount of carbon emissions, due to the structures high energy efficiency levels, reducing the amount of fossil fuels needed for heating and cooling reducing your carbon footprint. 

  • IMPROVED INDOOR AIR QUALITY - NUDURA Insulated Concrete Forms eliminate air gaps, minimizing the potential formation of mold growth and draft paths. The end result is an airtight structure that enables building mechanical systems to heat, cool and ventilate the structure more efficiently, creating a healthier living and working environment for building occupants.

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